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Vagina Rider!

For the motorcyclist who has everything… and wants his head to look like a giant angy alien vagina which has come to Earth for the destruction of mankind.

Sadly only 50 were ever produced. All were sold between 2009 and 2010, so if you want one ebay is your only hope.  If you’re lucky enough to find one I’m willing to bet it already has an amazing custom paint job.

More disappointing than the limited run this helmet had, is the lack of an ass crack on the back.  Seriously Bandit Helmets, if you’re gonna go.  Go all the way.

Checking their website it looks like they also make the helmet for Top Gear’s “Stig.” So they can’t be all bad, but I think I’ll stick with my HJC SY-MAX 2. People who call themselves “HalfThrottle” should never dress like the Stig. However I would be happy to produce a video review of the vagina helmet for my youtube channel. I’ll be waiting for my sample in the mail.

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