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This cover is from Empire Covers.   I have the Titan Quatro 4L.  It’s super nice and I feel a little weird putting a cover like this on a busted up KLR650, but it rains a lot in Panama and I wanted something 100% waterproof to keep it dry during big storms.  Because it’s the rainy season testing out the waterproofing of the cover was pretty easy.  Keeping the camera dry while filming was the tough part, I actually zip tied a big umbrella to my tripod, but the wind started blowing so hard and the rain was so powerful it actually turned the umbrella inside out.  I felt like I was in a cartoon being blown away by a storm.  I had a lot of fun making this video and playing in the rain.  Both my wife and the neighbors were peaking out their windows at the crazy gringo jumping in the puddles.

The motorcycle cover did much better than my umbrella.  The few drops of rain that were on the bike are because it had started to sprinkle before I could get the cover on.  But for the massive rain it went through I have no problem certifying this, “Panama rainy season waterproof approved.”

For those of you with fancy bikes the cover does have an inner layer of fleece so it won’t scratch your paint job, and it also comes with a free mesh bag to store it in when it’s time to ride.

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