Things You Should Know About Free Web Hosting

If you check out web hosting platforms out there, you’ll find that many offer free web hosting services. And you may wonder why these web hosting providers offer free hosting yet web hosting costs money. The truth is that free web hosting comes with a catch, which we are going to see in this article.

How do free web hosting companies make their money?

Well, we’ve seen that web hosting costs money. But free web hosting providers have a way to bridge that cost or even make a profit out of it. How? They advertise on your free blog or website. For example, if you visit any free blog or website, you’ll stumble across pop up ads, banners or other ads. Some even compel you to click on ads during sign up.

Some of the free web hosting providers pitch free web hosting in anticipation that people will upgrade to paid hosting plans when their websites start to boom. Others will send you ads telling you how certain add-ons can improve the performance of your site. These add-ons cost money. One strategy that is increasingly becoming popular with free web hosting providers is requiring users to write a specific amount of high-value content on their forum. This lets them have a huge database of content that directs a ton of traffic to their website. They get clients from this traffic who sign up for their paid web hosting services.

What about the reliability of free web hosting providers

The consensus is that free web hosting companies are less reliable when compared to paid options. But there is an exception, especially if the web hosting providers are bridging the cost or even making profits off the free web hosting plan. This means they can provide the service for a long time and remain in business. Also, providers that only offer free web hosting hope that their servers won’t be attacked by hackers and spammers because they don’t implement the most reliable security safeguards out there, despite accepting clients all over the world.

What group of people should take advantage of free web hosting?

People who want to learn the basics of running websites and don’t want to spend money are best suited for free web hosting. Also, those who want to test the web hosting provider’s hosting environment before they can pay for hosting can utilize free web hosting. Plus, those who want to run non-profit making websites should take advantage of free web hosting. Nonprofit making websites include school bogs to share the happenings in schools and basic blogs that are intended to talk about day-to-day life and make people happy.

Where can one find free web hosting providers?

The best place to start is a free web hosting directory. A directory tends to contain reputable web hosting companies. You can then search online if you don’t find one in the directory. You just Google the words ‘’the best free web hosting providers.” But you need to do your due diligence to ensure you choose the best free web hosting provider. To start with, click here.

Aspects to look at when selecting a free web hosting provider

The most important thing is to do extensive research about the free web hosting provider. See the free web hosting features the different providers offer. Find out if they place ads on your site and most importantly, look at what other customers who have used or use the provider say about the service. If you follow that, you can easily get the best free web hosting provider.


Like stated above, free web hosting is ideal for people who are not looking to make money with their websites. Also, new startups that don’t want to burn money at the onset can take advantage of free web hosting to learn the ropes.