Brands Will Profit from the New GTLDsSeveral companies have now started using the new generic top level domains that are related specifically to businesses, topics or interests. Big companies, as well as the smaller businesses have started using the new GTLDs that are relevant to their business and are helping it grow immensely. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has made it possible now for companies to choose these domain names as they have extended the field of options.

Due to the expansion by ICANN there are approximately 270 top level domains being used today and more than a thousand extensions. Presently there are more than 2000 petitions for domain names that are still pending to be approved for businesses. Brands can now choose a domain name that specifically represents their brand.

Along with these new generic top level domain names, come various advantages for businesses. One of the biggest advantages is that these domain names represent the brand itself making it so much easier for people to remember it. For example, doesn’t that sound super easy to remember?

There are two kinds of generic top level domain names; open and closed. Open GTLDs can be sold, allowing resellers to give out the website name as well as its extension. Closed GTLDs on the other hand are specifically for certain businesses like Microsoft so that the organization can work its web pages from a domain that only belongs to them.

Regardless of what domain name you secure, you will still have more options than the usual .com has available, as well as being less costly. The new generic top level domain names are also said to bring about a change in the SEO. For instance, a software retailer selling Microsoft products as they used to will now no longer be able to advance in the results as they could with the conventional SEO.

The new generic top level domain gives a greater authenticity to brands which will help your website be the first place people go to, to get information regarding your brand. Instead of working with the traditional SEO idea, the new GTLDs will help businesses grow and present themselves in different ways. Brand relevance has now become quite an important concept and the new GTLDs make this possible. Therefore, when choosing a top level domain name, businesses will have to make sure they choose one that perfectly represents their product.

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