Cheapest Domain Name RegistrarsGetting cheap domain names is not always the best idea however, many times big hosting companies offer a cheap domain name or a free domain when you host your website with them. The following are certain domain names that will be within a person’s budget and reputable as well.

  1. BlueHost

BlueHost is seen as one of the top web host companies that offer free domain names for the first year. BlueHost is a great option for businesses that are new and have just started growing. Moreover it also offers its users free WordPress hosting which is quite important as many people who start their new businesses use WordPress.

  1. com

If you are looking out for a hosting platform and a domain name, is the recommended place to go to. also provides its own hosting account plans. The online marketing company recommends using as it is highly reputable within it. Many businesses buy their domain name from and host it at BlueHost. The annual fee for is only $10.69 making it quite affordable.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most well known platforms, especially because it has a large advertising budget as well as the national ads it deals with. Unlike the other platforms, GoDaddy has much more competitive prices and options, thus making it more complicated to choose a purchasing path. When you choose a domain name, stick to buying the regular domain without any add-ons, as that can turn out to be costly.

  1. com

Within the online marketing tends to be popular with new businesses who want to purchase a hosting platform. is comparatively high in pricing and do not offer free domain names, however they have a great budget friendly hosting plan that makes them so popular in the market. It is recommended to buy your host from and buy a domain name from somewhere else. has an annual fee of $15 and a private registration fee of $10.

  1. 1&

1& is another very popular hosting platform that has gained its growing popularity due to its national advertising campaign. 1& is an suitable for all sorts of business, however it mostly focuses marketing towards brick and mortar stores. For the first year at1& the price is only $0.99 while the next year is $14.99. There is no extra private fee as it is included within this budget.